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10245 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, FL 33154

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Luxury Living for Rent: Carlton Terrace, Bal Harbour Beckons 

Perched at the prestigious location of 10245 Collins Ave in Bal Harbour, Carlton Terrace extends a welcoming gesture to delve into opulent living through its sought-after rental

dwellings. With an iconic aura, this revered property presents a limited array of 3 and 4-bedroom condos, presenting a distinctive chance to lease a portion of grandeur in one of Miami’s most notable neighborhoods. 

The abodes at Carlton Terrace go beyond mere spaces; they are expansive retreats ranging from 3,297 sq. ft. to an impressive 5,810 sq. ft. Each residence is meticulously crafted to offer inhabitants a harmonious fusion of space, style, and comfort, positioning it as an optimal choice for those in pursuit of sophisticated living. 

Nestled strategically between Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport, the condominium ensures effortless connectivity for those esteeming both travel and serenity. The property’s architecture is a vibrant and imposing vision, mirroring the dynamic essence of Miami while providing a sumptuous refuge. 

Dwellers of the condo enjoy convenient access to upscale shopping hubs, fostering a pleasurable retail therapy experience. The nearby area is adorned with captivating cafés and restaurants, providing a diverse gastronomic journey for the most discerning tastes. 

Beyond the modern features, this condo pays homage to tradition. The property introduces a designated walking area, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the abundant architectural and cultural legacy that defines Bal Harbour. 

Residing at Carlton Terrace equates to relishing a plethora of amenities crafted to elevate your lifestyle. A revitalizing pool invites relaxation, while the business center establishes a conducive space for professionals to flourish. Meeting halls and presentation rooms introduce an air of sophistication, positioning Carlton Terrace as an optimal locale for both business and leisure. 

Ample entertainment facilities within the property ensure that inhabitants have access to a varied range of leisure activities. Carlton Terrace doesn’t merely present a rental abode; it offers a comprehensive and immersive living experience. 

In summary, Carlton Terrace welcomes you to elevate your living standards with a rental residence that embodies luxury, tradition, and modernity. Seize the opportunity to lease at Carlton Terrace, where each moment unfolds as an exploration of extraordinary living in the heart of Bal Harbour.